Penoscrotal Web

Content written by Irwin Goldstein MD


A penoscrotal web refers to an extension of the scrotal skin onto the underside of the shaft of the penis, which gives the appearance of a ‘turkey-neck ‘deformity.

A penoscrotal web can cause discomfort during sex, a loss of penile functional length, difficulty placing a condom, and a cosmetic deformity.


The web can be congenital.  However, it more commonly results from an overly aggressive removal of skin from the underside of the penis during circumcision, thus pulling the scrotal skin onto the penile shaft.

Treatment: The mild penoscrotal web can be corrected with a z-plasty to redistribute the skin. However, most webs require surgical removal with recreation of the normal penoscrotal angle.   This surgery is minor and performed as an outpatient.  Penoscrotal webs are also commonly associated with scrotal enlargement, so both can be corrected surgically at the same time.

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