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San Diego Sexual Medicine is the first in the United States to diagnosis, treat & manage sexual dysfunction through a multidisciplinary hospital-based program
The premier center for sexual health
Established in 2007 San Diego Sexual Medicine is a 6,000-square-foot facility with a sex therapist, physical therapist and a full clinical research facility where scientists study male and female sexual dysfunction. We provide female and male sexual medicine clinical and basic science research, patient management and education.

San Diego Sexual Medicine provides a unique opportunity for men and women to have their sexual health managed by a variety of sexual medicine providers in various disciplines without the constraints of a traditional medical department.  All members of the staff have been specially trained to care for patients in a compassionate and respectful manner, from the moment you call for an appointment to the time you leave with your sexual medicine management strategy. The facility, where you may spend up to several hours for your initial evaluation, is comfortable for both patients and partners.

Dedicated to growing and evolving
the field of sexual medicine

San Diego Sexual Medicine continues to grow as we provide sexual medicine education to local colleges, medical school, community-based programs, monthly hospital-based sexual medicine rounds, monthly sex therapy meetings, quarterly pelvic floor physical therapy meetings, and one-on-one preceptorships.  Patient care and clinical research in sexual medicine continue to grow as more and more people understand the value of sexual medicine to their lives and how a multi-disciplinary facility can help. As the pioneers in the budding field of sexual medicine, San Diego Sexual Medicine is looking forward to working with you to help you improve your sexual health.
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