San Diego Sexual Medicine Fellowship Program

Our Sexual medicine fellowship training involves medical, surgical and psychological assessment and management of men and women with sexual dysfunction

Offering a one year combined clinical training & research opportunity

San Diego Sexual Medicine is a 5700 sq ft space dedicated to sexual medicine patient care and research, with an office for the fellow, a conference room for teaching, front and back waiting rooms, 4 exam rooms and two procedure rooms.

Dr. Goldstein has trained fellows in sexual medicine since 1984. Past fellows include many names that are well known and well respected such as John Mulhall, Hossein Sadeghi, Martin Bastuba and Ajay Nehra, current thought leaders in the field, past and present SMSNA board members, academicians and private practitioners. Of the 35 physicians who completed fellowships under Dr. Goldstein, all but two went from this fellowship to a position involving sexual medicine

The sexual medicine  fellowship is open to North American medical school graduates as well as foreign students who are US citizens or resident aliens who have completed a residency in urology.  Please note that San Diego Sexual Medicine cannot provide documentation for visas for non-US residents.
Train alongside the best
Experience a one-on-one mentorship with training in the medical & surgical management of men and women with sexual dysfunction
Fellowship experience opportunities
Sexual medicine involves medical, surgical and psychological assessment. Fellows in this sexual medicine will be trained in the medical and surgical management of men and women with sexual dysfunction.  Psychologic evaluations are performed by our staff sex therapist and physical therapy evaluations by San Diego Pelvic Rehab, but the trainee will have an opportunity to interface with these experts as well as all staff at San Diego Sexual Medicine.

The most common surgical procedure performed at SDSM is microsurgical revascularization (approximately 30/year). Dr. Goldstein has more experience performing revascularization surgery than any other surgeon, and has trained those fellows interested in this procedure. This fellowship includes assisting in the OR for all revascularization procedures and learning to perform the surgery. The next most common surgery is penile implantation (approximately 20/year). As a tertiary care center SDSM provides an opportunity for the young urologist to learn not only how to insert a prosthesis, but how to do it in 15 minutes thereby minimizing infection rates, and how to perform the difficult implant placement. Other procedures include the Nesbitt procedure, correction of penile curvature, vulvectomy and vestibulectomy excisions.
Participation in this fellowship includes:
Upon completion of this fellowship, you will have an understanding of the rationale behind the step-care approach to sexual medicine and the ability to perform the following:
Experience an opportunity to train alongside the founder of the field of sexual medicine, Dr. Irwin Goldstein
Apply for your fellowship position
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